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Sh. S.P. Kurdkar, the former Judge of the Supreme Court of India, is the Chief patron of the Society and Shri J.K. Saini fomer minister Punjab & Ex. Mayor, Jalandhar
Mrs. Sudarshan Chopra, Director Hind Samachar Group of News Papers are the other illustrious patrons. Late Gen. Sparrow guide lines are still being followed.

St. Soldier Educational Society which was formed with the soul aim of spreading quality education in the semi urban and rural areas had a humble beginning when Smt. Shanta Chopra President of the society started a school in Jalandhar City. In 1996 society came in a big way in the field of quality education when it opened 6 schools in the periphery of Jalandhar and Delhi.

At present it is running a chain of 32 schools, 19 professional & academic colleges and 6 National Open Schools not only in different Districts. of Punjab but is proud to spread its wings of achievement upto Haryana & Delhi. The odyssey has been fuelled by a pioneering vision, clarity of mission, rational approach and a never-ending yearning to keep on bettering and improving the methods, expressions and styles of imparting knowledge and keeping our teaching technology in tune with the trend of the times always and in all ways.

The Society has laid down the following four clear-cut aims for all its institutions :-.

  • To provide quality education to all sections of society as per the standards laid down by the Cental Board of Secondary Education and the University.
  • To ensure an infrastructure for all round development of the students.
  • To inculcate among the students a high sense of discipline and responsibility so as to prepare them for the competitive world around.
  • To foster a spirit of secularism and national integration among students,

Keeping in view these aims and objectives, all institutions established by the Society are having excellent buildings, play grounds for all sports and games, big auditoriums, highly efficient and qualified staff. Infact, the Society is providing all facilities of standard public school education in St. Soldier institutes. The Society is expanding in the field of higher education, especially in the rural areas where such facilities are needed the most. The Society aims at establishing a University in the private sector which would embrace all disciplines and professional areas.

Our focus is not only to build up top brains, not only to sharpen the intellect of our students but also to help them forming a wholesome balanced personality seldom given to stress and capable of accepting the challenges of life. A sound character that does not fall prey to fear, jealousy, greed or other negative stimuli will never end up in failure. Such intellectually balanced personalities endowed with poise and inner strength we earnestly wish to give to the nation. True to the motto - i.e. Victory with Determination-our humble endeavour has been to guide the youth of the nation to the summit of success.


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